37 Bernardston Road
Bernardston , MA

Townline Ice Cream

Happy Spring!!

We want to update everyone on a major change happening at Townline Ice Cream this season. We will only be serving ice cream. Due to a few different factors we are not going to offer food. The primary reason is we have been unsuccessful in getting adequate kitchen staff, along with other industry challenges going on right now. This is a major change for us and we don't take the decision lightly, but for our own well being and our family we needed to make the change. We greatly appreciate your business and support over the years and maybe one day we can restore it, but in the mean time we have many restaurants in town who need your support! We hope to see you afterwards for dessert!!




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37 Bernardston Rd, Bernardston , MA

Welcome to Townline Ice Cream:

Townline Ice Cream is a seasonal ice cream and food stand located on Routes 5 & 10 right on the town line of Bernardston & Greenfield, MA. Stop in for lunch or dinner and enjoy our burgers, foot long hot dogs, homemade onion rings, hand cut fries & much more. When you're ready for dessert, we have a variety of hard ice cream, soft serve, two dairy free options, or try one of our sundaes and shakes!

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